Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review l Saucebox x Batalash Palette

I recently purchased this palette from Saucebox  Cosmetics. This is their collaboration with the ladies of Batalash. When I originally saw that Samantha post the swatches on her Instagram, I knew this was a palette I had to have! There is still a limited number of these palettes left, so get it while it's hot. It is limited edition after all.

A little more about this palette:
There are 4 universal matte shadows and 4 pearl finishes. Each pan contains 4 grams of product! Typically and eye shadow is .05 grams. While the price of $60 seems expensive, it breaks down to $7.50 per shadow. You are getting a lot for our money. I have some comparison pictures to other brands products below.

The palette did take a little longer than expected to arrive, but Saucebox was amazing. They communicated throughout the whole process and kept us in the loop. I really appreciate a company that takes care of the customer. This is a growing company, and I would purchase other items in the future. 

Also note that this is a cruelty free brand.