Monday, December 28, 2015

Life Update

I did not want to start updating without writing a quick note first.
I have been missing in action on the blog, and my goal is to get up posts up soon after I’ve have unpacked from a trip. Truth is sometimes that does take a while. I know what a few of the trips coming up next year will definitely require recovery time especially because one of them will have time zone differences.
Taking a minute to reflect on 2015 before moving forward to 2016.

2015 Highlights:

1)      LA: BSB The Movie, The Getty
2)      KY:  Just everything. Honestly, this was a trip I really didn’t have high expectations for, but it was surprisingly wonderful.
3)      Untermyer Gardens Conservancy
4)      Naumkeag & The Clark
5)      Walkway over Hudson
6)      Charlotte: AJ’s Skulleeroz Launch. I had only one day to really explore and wish I had a little more time.

Some of these trips I haven’t talked about yet, but they will be posted on the blog. I’m going to try and do a post a day until I’m caught up.

What were your favorite memories from 2015?

Looking to 2016:

I don’t really make resolutions. Instead, I like to set goals. I feel like that is more manageable, and I can track my progress. Resolutions are like grand plans that seem like a great idea at first, but they are not really all that defined. In the past, I have said this year I’ll lose weight. But what does that really mean? 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or 30 pounds? What kind of time frame do you have to lose that weight? That’s why I feel that it’s hard to keep these type of resolutions.
I will be having a post following this one on specific goals I have in mind.
But the things I’m looking forward to in 2016:
1)      All American Tour: 
                                                               i.       Baltimore – I haven’t been here yet, so I will have to do a little exploring.
                                                             ii.      Freehold, New Jersey – This will also be a new city for me, but I’m excited my friend for Rochester will be going to this concert as well
                                                            iii.      New York City
                                                           iv.      Boston
2)      Backstreet Boys European Cruise: This will be my first time overseas. It’s exciting, but I’m also nervous.
I’m sure there will be other exciting plans as the year goes on, but those are the things that are definitely happening.

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

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