Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review l Trina Purse Kit Makeup Bag

I admit that when it comes to makeup bags, you can never have enough right?
So as the story goes, I met my friend for lunch at the local mall to catch up. I had been meaning to take a peek at Nordstrom Rack because I've been seeing crazy finds on Nouveau Cheap's instagram  like the new NARS bronzer WITH the travel Ita brush.

I couldn't pass this up. This little number only set me back $5.97. I'm pretty sure it's exclusive to Nordstrom Rack. You can sometimes spot it on Hautelook, and Ulta sells this brand. 

For reference it's called this particular one is called the purse kit.

This measures 17cm (a little over 6 in) in length and 10 cm (almost 4 in) in width. With it filled, this measures 8 cm (about 3 in) across

I'm sure you all want to know what is in my makeup bag that I tote around on a daily basis. The main reason why I purchased this was because I liked the sections. It's nice to not have to dig around in one giant pouch. I also have a Sonia Kashuk one with sections as well. I can review that if anyone is interested. 

  1. Boscia Peppermint Blotting Sheets - These particular ones were limited edition for holiday. I just like these blotting sheets in general because I can stock up when they are on sale. Of course, they keep me shine free too. 
  2. Ban Total Refresh - Because these come in handy when you need to freshen up. 
  3. Tampon because well, you know I'm a girl
  4. Nieva Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon - I have been looking for this particular lip balm for so long because Tiffany D on Youtube talks about this one all the time. I love the smell of this one. It's so clean and fresh. Best of all it actually moisturizes your lips so you can pucker up. 
  5. Alcone Naphcon A eye drops - These are a little more expensive than other brands, but they really work. I feel like when I use other ones they burn my eyes and that can't be good. This is also good for relieving my allergies, so I don't itch until my eye balls fall out of my head.
  6. Korres Guava Body Butter - I'm always washing my hands, so I need something to really moisturize my hands. This one is a little greasy if you don't like that feeling. I love that the scent is very clean smelling. Do you see a trend here?
  7. My Travalo with I think it's Stella McCartney Sheer perfume (I can't find where to buy this one, but I found a description of it). The reason I like the Travalo is because you pump the perfume into the bottom of the container. You can see from the window the amount in it. 
  8. Altoids Smalls in Wintergreen - You always need fresh breathe. You never know when you'll run into someone cute. 
  9. Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac that I'm sure I refilled with some other hand sanitizer 
  10. Sephora crystal glass nail file - I like that you can wash these types of nail files and use them for longer than traditional nail files.
  11. Tweezerman nail clipper - I have had this one forever. I love that it's compact, and there's a nail filer just in case too. 
  12. Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 120 w/ my Jouer Flat Buki Brush (in the bottom of the compact)
  13. random mints - Again with being prepared with some fresh breath. 

Sometimes I have a lippie or two in my bag as well.

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