Thursday, August 6, 2015

Travel l Visiting Friends - Rochester (07.15.15 - 07.18.15)

So this year I'm attempting to try and make my way around on a non-tour year to visit with friends. However, it's been a little more difficult coordinating it than I anticipated especially as I'm trying to penny pinch for my adventures for next year.

The backstory is I met my best friend, Alecia, on the 2013 Backstreet Boys cruise. At dinner, we were sat next to each other and decided to have dinner extravaganzas. This basically means that we ordered one of everything on the menu!

For reference it takes about 5 hours to get to Rochester from Connecticut. I left right after work on Wednesday night. I was a little nervous that there would be traffic. It was a pretty smooth ride up there. My GPS ETA was 9:44 p.m. I'm such a great driver I made it there at 9:46 p.m. with two bathroom breaks. Personally, I need to take a break every 2.5 hours. That's the maximum of time I can sit in a car if I'm awake.

This me trying on a lip color completely outside of my comfort zone.

Fried pickles. I've never had fried spears before, but I like it.
I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of the burgers we ate. I was probably too hungry. The burger was juicy and tender, just how I like it.

Beer tasting because I'm not a beer drinker at all. 

Pelican's Nest
566 River Street Rochester, NY 14612

What a beautiful location! It's right on the water. According to Alecia, this is a really popular hang out spot. The service was a bit slow, but it was probably because there was a large party for someone's 95th birthday!

Schaller's Drive In 
965 Edgemere Drive Rochester, NY 14612

This is a place Alecia had gone to ever since she was little, and I can see why it's a favorite. The service is fast and friendly. The food is cheap and delicious.

Abbott's Frozen Custard 
4791 Lake Avenue Rochester, NY 14612

This is right across the street from Lake Ontario where we had a nice stroll about.  There was a beach hockey tournament going on for charity that day. I think it's fun stumbling across things you didn't know about.

Bar Louie
98 Greece Ridge Center Drive Rochester, NY 14626

I really like the atmosphere. This is definitely a place that was right up my alley.

You get a free appetizer if you sign up for their text messages, and we choose the flatbread. They were able to accommodate my request for jalapenos on half of it because I'm the only one who likes spicy. Only I failed to note the sauce was also spicy, even for me. The flavors mellowed out when I had it as a left over though.

The bruschetta was a lot bigger than I thought it was. Our waitress was also so thoughtful in giving me a separate box for the bread.

Rochester Public Market District
280 Union Street North, Rochester, NY 14609

The Farmer's Market

We had freshly made doughnuts, and they were so light, fluffy, and delicious.
I also had an empanada was so so. I felt that the service was a little slow.

Until next October.

This was such a great weekend. It was just nice to not be the one having to plan everything and constantly be on the go. Usually when I travel, I jam pack my time so much that I actually need a vacation from my vacation. I loved actually being able to relax and spend some time hanging out,  shopping, playing with make-up, drinking wine, and watching chick flicks like Grease. 

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