Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Project 10 Pan l August 2015

What is "project 10 pan"?

It is what I refer to as the use this shit up project.
It originally started as hitting "pan" on 10 powder projects. This is when you see the actually the metal container that houses the product. Nowadays, people just pick as many things as they want to use up until they can purchase something new in that category. In my case, I will just move onto the next product in my "collection."

Why do this challenge?

I have more make-up than any one person can possibly use in this lifetime. I would really like to narrow down my collection significantly. This will also prevent me from buying duplicates with items.

As you can see below, I have hit pan on a few items. There are some things below that I love and know I will use up, and there are other things that I just want to use up because it's not my favorite.

  1. Loreal Visible Lift Blur Concealer #301 fair - Not a favorite. For the price you do get a a lot of product. 
  2. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream  - my second one! I love the packaging and the coverage.
  3. Custom MAC palette
  4. Anastasia light contour kit - I just have other contour palettes I like better.
  5. Eve Pearl neutral photo finish pressed powder - it looks like this is a discontinued powder. Mattifying Pressed Powder may have replaced it. 
  6. NARS Orgasm blush - my real high end purchase from Sephora. Mini story about this blush: Cheryl, Sephora SA, and I became really good friends after I started working there. She didn't remember helping me though, but she's always been super nice.
  7. Another custom MAC palette
  8. Covergirl #320 creamy natural whipped creme foundation  - not my favorite. I actually only use this as a concealer to clean up my brows. Fun fact about this foundation: I used this in my $20 make-up challenge on my youtube channel.
  9. It Cosmetics serum primer - This is not a favorite
  10. Pixi brightening peach corrector - Great for canceling out the bags under your eyes
  11. Tarte Gifted mascara - This mascara is great for building volume.
  12. Benefit Roller Lash mascara - I love how you can ditch your eye lash curler with this
  13. Anastasia clear brow gel - Pretty much super glue for your eye brows
  14. NYX liquid liner - this smudges on me. 
  15. Urban Decay Dark Neutral Naked concealer  - You're probably wondering why it's like 50 shades darker than me. I use this as a cream contour and also to darken my concealers when I'm self tanning. 
  16. Carmindy Sandy Beige Game Changer foundation - I'm not sure where you can get this since it looks like it's being discontinued from HSN and Soft Surroundings
  17.  It Cosmetics Tightline mascara - Great 2 in 1 product. This is not good if you're looking for volume, but boy can it lengthen 
  18. NYX light Wonder Stick - I have 2x back-ups. This is such a great affordable cream contour.
  19. Juelp eye primer / Bare Minerals Barely Nude BB cream eye shadow
  20. Cargo 01 Picture Perfect concealer
  21. It Cosmetics black/brown eye liner - The sharpener is all wonky on this.
  22. Cover FX N20 Custom Cover Drops - The color that I picked out is a bit too light for me
  23. Too Faced Chocolate Soliei bronzer
  24. Ofra universal taupe eye brow pencil - I have a love/hate relationship with this pencil
  25. Almay light Wake Up concealer - I don't know what happened to the packaging, but I really don't like this concealer
  26. MAC Love Nectar lipglass - This is probably my second or third tube of this gloss.
  27. Christopher Drummond light hydrating concealer  - This concealer is a little bit thick and can get cakey
If you want to know what's in my custom MAC palettes, I can do a separate post on all my custom palettes. Let me know in the comments below. 

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