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Travel l Disaster! The Musical (March 10, 2015)

This was a completely last minute day trip for me. I was really sad that I was unable to go to AJ's Live Together music video due to the cost. I checked over the weekend to see when the musical would be in the city and alas it was on a Tuesday. The whole trip was pending on approval from the bosses on whether or not I could leave at noon on Tuesday. Luckily my bosses are very accommodating and understanding of my need to go wherever the Backstreet Boys are.

New York City is 2.5 hours (134 miles) away from Connecticut. I consider this a normal drive because a lot of the places I like to go are around the same distance. 

Usually I have more of  plan when I go anywhere. This time I kind of wandered around. 

I wanted to go to the Birchbox shop in Soho but it was a 1 hour way, 17 minutes on the subway, OR 25 minutes driving. Plus, I would have paid an additional $28 to park in a garage. 

I always recommend parking in a garage. Reasons why: 1) I never learned how to properly parallel park 2) It's hard to find street parking in big cities 3) I got two really expensive tickets in Philadelphia before because the signs were a little bit confusing. It is less stressful for me to know that my car will be there when I get back. 

I usually park at Icon parking lots when I'm in NYC. 

I ended up going to the Inglot store in Times Square. It was about 5ish minutes away from the venue within walking distance. This is a fantastic and unrated brand, I first discovered them in 2010 at The Make Up Show. 

A little history about Inglot is that they first started in Przemyƛl, Poland over 30 years ago. They are best known for the "freedom system." This is basically a customizable palette where you can put pretty much any of their products in. I do have to say that their palettes are a little bit heavier. I do not feel that they are as travel friendly. The make up line is incredibly pigmented and buttery. I had forgotten how much I love the brand until I came back and just played in the store.  

If you want to put these into a Z Palette (as I have pictured), you will need to place a magnet on the back. In the Inglot palettes, the actual palette is magnetized. This is why I purchased the additional magnet. I have a hard time getting the shadows out of their Freedom system.

Please let me know if you want a more thorough review my Inglot collection, let me know in the comments. 

Left to Right -
HD Sculpting #503
HD Sculpting #504
Brow Powder #569
Eye shadow #154
Eye Shadow #153
No flash


If you are looking for a bathroom around Time Square, I would probably avoid the McDonalds. It's really hot inside and there is literally one stall. The women's bathroom is located upstairs as well.

Looking a little wind blown at Rockefeller Center

Saks Fifth Avenue - so pretty in person 

Saks Fifth Avenue

I went to The Food Emporium for a late lunch. It reminded me of Whole Foods.  I ended up having them make me a salad. It was a convenient location, only a  few minutes walk from the venue. 

Even though I purchased tickets last minute, I was able to snag pretty good tickets. I was 6 rows from the stage on the side. 

I ended up heading to New World Stages where Disaster was playing around 6pm. It was rainy, and I forgot my umbrella. I ended up waiting in the lobby because doors did not open until 6:30pm.

I ended up seeing all of the Littrells before the play started and got to say hi. Surprisingly I didn't really spot any fans. The overall crowd seemed a little bit older.

Things I found out:
1) The LA show was a dry run
2) This was the only showing
3) It was a fund raiser for the Actors Fund.

This was not like other Broadway shows I've seen. It is considered off Broadway. They did it as a reading which means everyone had a binder with their lines in it. Even though it was not tradition, I still think they did an amazing job. I hope they will be able to have a Broadway opening. I would love to see it again. We were not allowed to take any photos or videos during the performance. I actually liked that I was able to enjoy it without the distractions.

Disaster takes place in the 1970s on a floating casino/disco boat. It is a comedy. There were a lot of the classic hits such as Don't Bring Me Down, Knock on Wood, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and etc. Of course, some of the words were changed to fit the story. My favorite characters were the nun and Ben/Lisa. I thought that Baylee did an exceptional job as the twins. I knew Baylee could sing, but I was really pleasantly surprised at his range.  I do hope to see more of him on the big stage.

I did manage to snag a picture with Brian after the show. I had a short conversation with him telling him that I thought Baylee did an amazing job, and that I would see him next month. I wanted to say hi to Leighanne too but didn't want to interrupt her conversation. I also had a long trip home with work in the morning.
a little blurry but Brian was nice enough to take a picture with me :) 

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