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Review l Flight 001

Recently I went to DC, and I was able to test out some new Flight 001 travel accessories I had purchased. I was able to purchase them at a discount (50% off!) during a Lucky Break. Lucky Magazine has a different sale each day.

But the real test for me is would I pay full price for these? The short answer is yes.

I did purchase some other Flight 001 items but have not used them yet. There will be another review once I have tested them out.

Some quick things I wanted to point out are: 

  • Each item came in a zipped pouch. It makes it easy to store when its not in use. I also read that it provides extra compression while traveling. I have not tried that out yet to confirm.
  • All the packing cubes are well made in regards to the materials and zippers
  • The Spacepak items have a packing suggestions written right now them. There is also a video on the website showing you how to pack the bags and how to put them into a suitcase. 

F1 Aeroline Zip Document Pink
Retail $30

Details /
"Flight 001's ultimate travel organizer made of Tyvek keeps your travel documents safe, dry, and secure"
Measures / 
5in X 9.25in X 1in

Thoughts / 
I was looking for an organizer that was stylish and had a similar idea as an accordion coupon holder to keep everything together and to get through the airport security faster. I felt that this particular one was flimsy and bulky. 

This is the only thing that I didn't think was worth full price. I’ll give it another chance but right now it’s not my favorite way to keep my ID, airline tickets, and print outs of various activities and hotel confirmation.

pen not included

I put IDs back here. Easy to access.
F1 Go Clean Wet Suit 
Retail $18 

Details /  
"The heavyweight nylon material conceals odors and contains messes, making packing (and unpacking) simple and sanitary.

1 Wet Suit Bag
Drawstring closures scrunches bag shut
Polyurethane interior contains dampness
Water-repellent exterior" 

Measures /  
6.75in X 5.75in (case) 12.5in X 16in (bag)

Thoughts / 
This actually came really in handy for the DC trip where there was record rainfall and everything was soaked. It kept everything else in my suitcase dry. The only thing I wish was that it was a bit bigger.

Retail $98 

Each individual item can be purchased separately. 
This set includes:
Details /   
"On its own, Spacepak Mini Toiletry is a fun and functional groom bag, great for short trips and those who travel with few toiletries"

Measures /  
9.45in X 5in X 3in

Thoughts / 
Initially I thought that the regular toiletry bag came in the set, but this smaller one actually fits a lot more than you expect it to. I like how there’s a mesh zippered pouch. There’s also another small zippered pocket that I didn’t end up using. 
Details / 
"Shoes are always the most difficult items to pack. Even when clean, they’re dirty. And they are always such odd shapes. Spacepak Shoes contains your kicks (and protects clothes from dirty soles) in one easy-to-pack zippered box-bag."

Measures /
13.75in X 6in X 5.5in

Thoughts / 
I have another Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac. While it's good to pack because it really doesn't have any particular shape, I just felt like it was okay. The Flight 001 

Details /   "You don’t want a stiletto snagging a silk blouse. Spacepak Clothes keeps your wardrobe safe in its own tidy compartment and maximizes luggage space by compressing up to two weeks’ worth of outfits. Overpackers, rejoice! Garments packed flat undergo double compression, allowing for maximum wardrobe options."

Measures /  16in X 11.25in X 4.25in

Thoughts / 
This is the whole reason I wanted to try Flight 001 products. I've tried rolling my clothes and Zuca packing cubes, but nothing has really quite satisfied what I wanted. I also was tired of stuffing dirty clothes in a bag or pockets throughout the suitcase only to forget about it and discover it much later on (which actually just happened this past trip). I love that there is a side for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes.

The overpacker in me was able to fit 5 shirts, 5 pairs of undies, 2 leggings, 2 pairs of socks, 2 bras, 1 pair of shorts with room to spare. I believe these were designed with men’s clothing in mind which can be a little bit bulkier. 

All the important things fit

my shoes in there for reference

The compression feature on the side

Retail $28

Details /   
"Purses have a way of turning into black holes of tangled chaos during travel. (And bulging cargo pockets are never a good look.) Flight 001’s exclusive Seat Pak from our In-Flight series will keep you organized from takeoff to landing, with a place for everything and everything its place." (Even that funny-shaped novelty pen.)

Measures / 
9in X 7in and can expand up to 2.75in deep

Thoughts / 
This definitely made my life easier to keep all my smaller things together, and it was easily accessible to me during my flight. There is a section for everything. I’m not sure if I feel that this would render the aeroline zip document holder useless.

This Miamica one is similar. I saw it TJ Maxx, but I didn't love the material. It didn't feel as high quality to me.

Suggestion for what to put are labeled above each zipper

Not pictured: 
Samsung S5 charger

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