Monday, July 13, 2015

Technology l Travel Apps

Technology definitely has helped me book and manage my trips. I still print out a paper backup copy. This is in case my phone battery/back up battery runs out of power or any other unforeseeable circumstance.

I am an Android user, and I believe there are iPhone versions of these apps.

 Google Maps
I am a little direction challenged. For some reason I can drive and figure out how to get around fine but when it comes to walking, I can easily get confused. Honestly this app is a lifesaver for getting me around major cities. I tend to do a lot of walking when I travel.

This is a new app that I recently downloaded to help me manage my recent Washington DC trip. I found it really easy to use.  How does TripCase get your flight/hotel information? You just forward your confirmation email to

TripCase collates all your itineraries into one single place and on a seamless screen. You can view it in two forms: timeline view and action view. Timeline is list form, and action view is card forms (like little mini screens).

Tripcase made everything really easy to manage. You can put times of when you want to go the activities. I also really liked that they give you flight time, check in/out of hotel time, and phone numbers and addresses of all your activities.

The only note I had was that my flight time changed on JetBlue months ago, and it was not updated in my app.

Pack Point 

I like to make checklists to make sure that I didn't forget anything. The good thing about this app is that it takes into account the weather conditions of where you are going.

The free version does not let you customize your lists though. You can add things to the existing list.

 Around Me

This is a great app for finding restaurants near you and gives you the distance in yards. It grabs Google maps for directions. I used this app a lot during my visit to DC.

I also will download specific company apps that I've booked through.


I have used Expedia a lot to book my flights and hotel rooms. I feel like the point system is good, and the pricing is usually the same as other competitors.


I use airline specific apps to make sure that there were no gate changes. I've noticed that this happens often. I think it's has something to do with airplanes either arriving/departing early or late.

Disclosure: These imagines are not my own. I found the Android image from this website.
The other images are from the Google Play store. No copyright infringement intended.

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