Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review l Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Beauty (Makeup) Organizer

I really wanted the Laura Mercier Home & Away Custom Artist Portfolio, but it is really expensive. It goes for around $100 when it is available. I believe it comes out during the Holiday (aka Christmas) season. I decided to purchase the Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Beauty Organizer as an alternative. It's a fraction of the price. 

Comparison - Details

Laura Mercier (LM)

  • limited edition 
  • not easily accessible 
  • 4 removable mesh pouches
  • Double-sided brush pouch
  • Measures: 9 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H x 3"D
  • The shell is a hard case. I believe it's either vinyl or plastic.  
  • Zip around closure 

Sonia Kashuk (SK)

  • This is an exclusive to Target
  • Avaliable in different designs
  • 2 removable plastic pouches 
  • 1 large zippered pouch
  • One sided brush pouch
  • Measures 8.5 " H x 10.0 " W x 2.5 " D
  • shell is polyester
  • Interior is lined
  • Zip around closure


The main reason I wanted the LM organizer was because it has a hard shell and protect my makeup. I also like having a separate pouch for my make-up brushes. What has happened in the past is that I have 1 bag for liquids, 1 bag for makeup, and 1 bag for brushes. I wanted a place where all my items could live together aside from the liquid airline restrictions. 

Below is what I packed to my sister's graduation (Merrimack/Manchester, New Hampshire trip). This is what I would consider minimal makeup packing for me. Over time, I have gotten better at packing what I'm going to use instead of including a lot of just in case items.

I think that the SK makeup bag is similar enough to the LM one. The main difference is that it does not have a hard shell. I think that the bag holds its shape enough, and it is easier to pack because of that fact. You can kind of squish it to fit your bag as needed without really affecting your items inside. I also really like that fact that the bags are a PVC material. This makes cleanup a breeze if anything should spill inside the bag.

SK makes some of the best make-up bags. I have several others that I really like. To tell you the truth, I have a makeup bag problem, and I kind of collect them. They are great for organizing other things in your purse besides just make-up.  

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